Andy Hunter

Hamilton Vets

Craft CMS site/developed at Clever Little Design

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The Project

My client, Clever Little Design were experiencing a busy seasonal period and needed some help getting a couple of sites off the ground. Hamilton Specialist Referrals had commissioned CLD to build a new site to create an online presence for their new business. Working with Hamilton, CLD created a modern, bespoke look and feel for the site, and commissioned me to interpret these into an easy to maintain site. The site was going to go through a series of growth stages as the business started, grew, and flourished, so a scalable and maintainable solution was a key requirement.

The Solution

CLD had experience with using Craft CMS, and decided that this would be the optimal solution for this project. Craft offers a lightweight, highly customizable CMS framework. By using Craft and Twig templating, we had highly scalable solution for the client; this was especially important to this client as they had already outlined a series of phases for the project at the time of commission. Using Craft, I was able to design a technical solution that would allow the client to easily manage their site content and updates and organize their data in a logical, scalable way. By building the site this way, it would empower the client to take control of their own web content management, and to allow them to grow the site content along with their business. The business case for this is it allows for technical budgets to be allocated to technical site build/expansion rather than using budget for simple site updates.

The Twig templates were all built in a highly modular fashion to allow for future developers to expand the component functionality with a minimum of fuss, and add new modules/functionality to the site without touching unrelated code. By taking the time to do this at the start of the site build, it will allow the client to take advantage of more efficient updates later on, as developers will take less time finding appropriate sections of code and lower the chances of introducing bugs into the program as the project expands.

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