Andy Hunter

Huawei Content Creators

Laravel/developed at Purple

Huawei Content Creators desktop

The Project

Huawei were looking to increase brand recognition of their products and services among the university age group. They liked the idea of a student brand ambassador, and came to Purple looking to flesh out the idea and for us to conceptualize and help launch and manage the campaign. One of the core concepts of the competition was to use social media channels and university based events to get a buzz going surrounding what the content creators were doing, and to tie Huawei to one of their product focuses; enabling content creation through their devices.

The solution

We decided to build a web application that would act as the centre piece of the campaign management, allowing for a greater degree of automation in the competition processes. My job was to build the Laravel application to handle this, where I built a system that would handle registration of applicants, applicant management, short-listing, removal of null applications, and automating important campaign messages to applicants. With this, the staff running the competition has a one stop location to monitor the new and existing applications, review the entries, and short-list promising candidates, lowering the effort needed to keep up with the pace of the competition.